After 8 years as a District Councilman, Jason is ready to bring his capable legislative know-how and inclusive leadership to the front row of the Council Chamber to make our local government work effectively for all of us from Day One.

Safe Neighborhoods:
Jason-Holleman-IssuesJason understands that livable neighborhoods are essential for the long-term growth and stability of our community. In each of his years on the Council, Jason has voted to fully fund the requested budgets of our Police, Fire and Emergency Management Services. He has worked across district lines to collaborate with colleagues to attract promising development to our urban corridors while preserving the qualities of the neighborhoods that surround them. He has sponsored legislation to combat predatory lending and volunteered endless hours advocating for compassionate services for citizens living in homelessness and poverty.

Jason has a proven record of working with neighbors and developers to identify creative resolutions that both propel growth and protect the unique character of our neighborhoods. As a city leader, Jason has worked to expand our greenway system, building toward a continuous greenway network with access throughout the county. He was influential in propelling historic protections for parts of his district and has been a vocal proponent of historic preservation across Nashville. On the Council, Jason has voted to support each neighborhood that has sought to expand its historic protections, from Sylvan Park to East Nashville to Salemtown.

As a Councilman-At-Large, Jason will continue to lead neighborhood advocates and developers to protect the balance between growth and preservation. He’ll fight for full funding for our police, fire and emergency management systems and craft the legislation we need to protect our city’s most vulnerable neighbors.

Strong Schools:

The success of our Metro Schools is a deeply personal matter to Jason. He is a K-12 product of MNPS schools and the parent of two current MNPS elementary school students. In his current role on the Council, Jason has worked closely with members of the Board of Education to advocate for neighborhood-focused policies, including supporting community leaders to protect parent input in the East Nashville plan and advocating for more democratic engagement at critical levels of decision making for Metro schools. In each of the seven Metro budgets he’s helped to enact, Jason has voted to fully fund MNPS. In 2014, Jason went beyond casting a vote on the budget and worked closely with neighborhood and PTO leaders to inform the capital improvement plan for Hillsboro High School, helping to protect publicly held resources from private development and advocating for the capital improvement funds Hillsboro needs to develop a world-class facility.
His commitment to public education goes beyond the K-12 programs. In 2009, Jason helped to defend Adult Education at Cohn School from budget cuts, protecting the program from proposed shut-down and preserving classroom opportunities for hundreds of adult students across the city. Again, in 2010, Jason advocated for and obtained a supplemental appropriation to support community education programing as it reinvented itself and went on to, again, become a thriving asset to our community.
As an At-Large Councilman, Jason will continue his tireless advocacy for strong investment in our MNPS programs and careful management of our MNPS resources. He will also push to protect local investment and local autonomy in public education.

Secure Infrastructure.

As a District Councilman, Jason identified and advocated for alternative funding sources to rebuild and improve our outdated storm-water system, and he co-sponsored the legislation to prevent the perpetuation of inappropriate development in flood prone areas that costs taxpayers millions of dollars in buyouts following the May 2010 flood. He has promoted smart transit along the Charlotte corridor, secure funding to improve that route and add a neighborhood-sensitive expansion of the BRT service. Under his watch, the number of residential units in the Sylvan Park area is doubling in size and over $100 million in new residential and commercial development has opened or broken ground on Charlotte Pike.
Jason is respected for his ability to stand firm on policies that protect neighborhood quality of life while encouraging business owners and developers to invest in lasting improvements to the community. He was acknowledged by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce 2013 Scorecard for supporting thirteen of the fifteen initiatives the Chamber supported for development that year, including support for the Partnership 2020 program, funding the one-stop permit center in the Metro budget, and backing 100% of the incentives it supported for transit and economic development.
In 2011, Jason led the way on preserving the Tennessee State Fairgrounds for future generations. He was the lead sponsor of the legislation adopted by the Metro Council that halted the demolition and sale and established a master planning process for the largest tract of city owned land in our urban core.
As an At-Large Councilman, Jason will continue to promote balanced, long-view development policies that strengthen our infrastructure, protect our natural resources, and preserve our history.